Pregnancy Advices

Pregnancy Advice Pregnancy takes you all the way from pre-conception and planning right through to the birth and recovery afterwards. This is an exciting times and expectant women and their partner are fascinated by what happening in the womb during the months of pregnancy. Our site also provides information about each stage, words and how baby is growing. There is plenty of helpful information on diet and exercise during pregnancy, what your antenatal care will involve, and reassuring advice on how to cope with common discomforts, and when to get medical help if conditions of concern arise.

Baby and Child care

Baby and child care is fully illustrated and shows you how to look after a baby from birth until the age of three. This section, arranged chronologically to guide you as your child grows up, where you can find information on feeding, weaning, bathing, dressing, Sleeping, and the like. There's down-to-earth advice on managing a crying baby, feeding and weaning, toilet training, and other issues that we know parents can find challenging. Throughout you will notices that we know parents can find challenging. Throughout you'll notices that the emphasis is on making the most of the time you spend with your child even if you are carrying out only a basic task such as changing your baby's nappy.


Development covers a topic that is important to parents, but can be confusing. What your child can do at a barometer of his growing understating of the world. Reaching developmental milestone also provides parents and grandparents with some glorious moments. You will get a thrill from your baby's first smile, first sounds, and first steps. We hope this section will put development into perspective and help parents appreciate the wide range of normal behavior. Once again, the accent is on understanding a baby's and young child's development so that you can enjoy every movement, celebrates achievements, and helps bring out the best in your child.


Health gives valuable advice on ways to help protect your child from illnesses and accidents. Designed to be straightforward to use, it also includes a number of conditions which, though fairly common, are not always covered in childcare, foot and mouth disease or Kawasaki syndrome, for example. While easy to assimilate, the information takes into account the latest medical thinking, throughout, my aim is to give you the same advice and reassurance I give parents in my consulting room.